We partner with clients to design and deliver unique custom commemoratives which drive attendance, sponsorship, and add value to the fan experience.


Alexander Global Promotions was founded in 1996 and soon after partnered with the San Francisco Giants to launch the bobblehead craze in the summer of 1999. That Willie Mays bobblehead was a huge success. We haven't looked back since. We’ve worked with top professional sports brands and leagues to produce over 45 million bobbleheads, custom commemoratives, custom scarves, custom blankets, and custom totes featuring more than 5,000 different personalities and characters.


Our reliability stats for almost 20 years are unprecedented. Number of event dates missed = zero. It’s quite the streak. And it’s a streak we intend on keeping with our crack squad in logistics and their contingency and planning. We’ve got the timing & process dialed: 1. Design; 2. Mold; 3. Prototype; 4. Production; and 5. Delivery. Bottom line is we deliver on time and this gives our clients tremendous confidence - not to mention lets them focus on the rest of their to-do list. 


We take a collaborative approach and work with our clients to determine players, situations, poses and molds with the client input and approval every step of the way. The result is a high quality promotional product, be it a bobblehead or other - that’s easy to get sponsorship support, draws fans to games and exceeds the teams’ high brand standards.

Safety & Quality

Our 100% custom designed poly-stone products are hand carved and hand painted stroke by stroke with lead free paint.  Safety checks are conducted to ensure safety and quality for not only the product, but for everyone involved throughout our supply chain. With the FLA (Fair Labor Association), we are among many other world leading brands that have committed to ensuring fair labor practices and compensation along with safe and humane working conditions. 

In addition, we are a member of Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
(C-TPAT) which is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. The partnership establishes clear supply chain security criteria for members to meet and in return provides incentives and benefits like expedited processing and clearance.


Based out of the Seattle area, we are proud to be part of PAC Worldwide - a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of custom-branded and stock protective packaging.



From the majors to the minors, collegiate to corporate, we are proud of our track record and the partners we have worked with.