Promo Give-a-way Highlights


We started a craze with the Willie Mays bobblehead in 1999.  

 Since then, we’ve produced over 45 million bobbleheads, collectibles, and commemoratives featuring 5,000+ personalities - including Derek Jeter, Buster Posey, Frank Thomas, Barry Larkin, Stephen Curry, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Jeremy Roenick, Patrick Kane, Erik Karlsson and Gordie Howe. 

Chicago White Sox - Frank Thomas 108330, 7.5in Bobblehead.jpg


Our legendary bobbleheads come in a variety of sizes. They are hand carved and hand painted to help bring each character and pose to life.  

Altoona Cruve - Roberto Clemente 112183, 5inch Bronze Bust.jpg


Our scaled figurines, plaques and replicas are always a fan hit.  Custom designed and molded, then hand carved and individually hand painted.  

SF Giants -  Snowglobe 111356.jpg


You name it - we can make a collectible out of it. Stadiums, Caps, Garden Gnomes, Snow Globes. A perfect keepsake for your fans

We are proud to announce Classic Stock tap handles are now available for purchase on-line 24/7.  For stock, semi-custom and totally custom tap handles… please visit us at

We are proud to announce Classic Stock tap handles are now available for purchase on-line 24/7.
For stock, semi-custom and totally custom tap handles… please visit us at


Our Clients 

From the majors to the minors, we've partnered with the who’s who of the sporting world. The White Sox. Yankees. Giants. Bulls. Mavericks. Blackhawks. Red Wings. Sharks and even collaborated with Disney. See Company page for more.

I have received numerous comments that our giveaways were the best they have seen this year from fans and staff.
— Josh Grubich, Director of Promotions @ Spokane Chiefs
Jay Cruz - Cincinnati Cyclones  PN 113242.jpg
The bobblehead of our stand emcee were a bit hit on Friday. No only were they a big hit with fans, but also our sponsor.
— Sean Lynn, Director of Marketing & Public Relations @ Cincinnati Cyclones
People loved the bobbles! They turned out soooo good too!
— Kaci Long, Director of Marketing & Communications @ Omaha Storm Chasers
We have given away pretty much everything there is to give away, and bobbleheads continue to be a fan favorite everywhere. And just as our fans really like bobbleheads, we really like Alexander Global. They provide us a great product at a great price, take great pride in their work - and are easy to work with.
— Dave Heller, President & CEO @ Cincinnati Reds
The quality and detailing are everything I expect from Alexander Global
— Debbie Tymon, New York Yankees SVP of Marketing
We have been exclusive to Alexander Global for our bobblehead giveaways for the past 5-6 years. We use them for both teams that we operate, the Toledo Mud Hens and the Toledo Walleye, so we’re using them on a pretty consistent basis year-round. Overall, their quality, customer service, and pricing is tough to beat. Ray and Karen provide exceptional customer service and always make sure that we are completely satisfied with our product prior to production. They constantly take critiques and changes to create the most realistic bobblehead they can! They are also great at keeping us on time with deadlines to ensure production is completed in time for our event. The past season, we asked them to recreate a bobblehead that we had a different company produce several years ago; their product was far above the quality of the first version. I have recommended them to various companies, teams, and organizations because they are not just a client, they have become acquaintances and friends. Thanks Ray for being my favorite joke-telling, one liner spitting, promotional product rep!
— Emily Cross, Manager of Events & Game Day Promotions @ Toledo Mud Hens/Toledo Walleye
The River City Rascals have been partnering with Alexander Global Promotions on all of our bobblehead needs for years; each year our bobbleheads seem to get better and better. Ray and his staff always have a quick response and have been absolutely wonderful to work with. Alexander Global Promotions continues to offer quality bobblehead at a competitive price that keep us coming back.
— Lisa Ferreira, General Manager @ River City Rascals Professional Baseball
Michigan received their bobbleheads and everyone thinks they look awesome and are really excited about them. Thank you for your help for this one.
— Ashley Kruckman, Account Director @ Synergy Imports
Alexander Global Promotions has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Ray and the staff have been able to accommodate my tight deadlines with ease. The quality of their bobbleheads is second to none. I wouldn’t work with anyone else!
— Katie Arsenault, Marketing & Game Operations Coordinator @ Worcester Railers HC
Our bobbleheads are produced by the finest bobblemaker in the world, Alexander Global Promotions.
— Ross Davies @ The Green Bag
Alexander Global has been an amazing partner of the ECHL for a number of years and have provided countless promotional items and unique bobbleheads to our fans. Ray Caracol and his team do an excellent job servicing our teams and ensuring everything is delivered correctly and on time. We look forward to partnering with them for many more years to come.
— Todd Merton, Director of Marketing & Licensing @ ECHL
The quality of work is always above the rest with Alexander Global while working with Ray and the rest of the team is a breeze when creating giveaways.
— Patrick Walker @ Peoria Chiefs
The hats are a HUGE hit with everyone - they have not had many giveaways that the players clamored to get one, but this is one of them. Fans are coming out of the woodwork asking for them - great way to tip off the season.
— Brad Seymour, President @ Windy City Bulls
The Tommy Hawks arrived today and they look great! You did an outstanding job replicating our mascot. Fans are going to love these.
— Allison Longnecker @ Waterloo Blackhawks


Why Alexander Global Promotions?



Our reliability stats do the talking. Almost 20 years. Over 45 million bobbleheads, collectibles, and commemoratives. No event dates missed. We deliver so you can focus on the other things on your to-do list.   

Vibrant Promotional Products

Our 100% custom designed poly-stone products are hand carved and hand painted which creates unique quality products that bring characters and personalities to life. 


Safe Products

Rigorous practices ensure the highest labor standards are followed. Paint and other safety checks are adhered to.  We abide by C-TPAT and FLA association standards.