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Green Bay Blizzard
gives away Bart Starr Bobbleheads

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Green Bay Blizzard
giveaway Ahman Green Bobbleheads

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New Pistons owner, Tom Gores,
signs hat supplied by AGP

Detroit Free Press | Slide 16

Phoenix Coyotes' Ilya Bryzgalov Bobblehead unveiled

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Dallas Mavericks' Tyson Chandler and Dirk Nowitzki check out Ty's new "Bad Lookin' Bobblehead" -- promotional video for Mavericks BobbleHead Nights

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SWX spotlights the Spokane Shock Arena Football bobbleheads of the coach and three players.

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Q13 FOX News This Morning highlights Alexander Global’s series of Supreme Court Justice bobbleheads.

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Yankees Magazine previews Alexander Global’s 2004 Monument Park Bronze Statuettes in an interview with The Yankees Debbie Tymon.

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Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek quizzes contestants on the Bobblehead market leader.

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CNNFN takes a look at the Bobble Dobble craze in an interview with Alexander Global’s CEO Malcolm Alexander.

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CNNSI.com’s Tom Rinaldi examines the fascination with the jiggle-head figurines.

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2014 Articles
May  26, 2014 Giants' Hunter Pence Tweets that he is offering a signed bobblehead as a reward for his stolen customized scooter
The Bleacher Report

2013 Articles
March  29, 2013 Going wobbly over Iverson: Bobbleheads vs Bobcats
The Philadelphia Inquirer
January  31, 2013 Giants spring for bobbleheads for all
San Francisco Chronicle
December  30, 2013 Bobbleheads honor Supreme Court justices

2011 Articles
October  3, 2011 Ex-BSU football players were honored by their bobbleheads. Now they’re getting compensated, too.
May  1, 2011 Tampa Bay Rays news and notes: Rays complete unique turnaround; manager Joe Maddon prefers his likeness
July  11, 2011 Bobblehead Alert: It's Clarence Thomas' Turn
Blog of Legal Times
April  11, 2011 New Pistons owner, Tom Gores, signs hat supplied by AGP

2010 Articles
October  10, 2010 Snoopy Bobblehead Day Presented by Great Wolf Lodge
March  17, 2010 Relax, Legal Scholars: Bobblehads Are Safe at Yale
New York Times - Adam Liptak
June  24, 2010 Bird Kicks Off Three Bobblehead Giveaways
Kevin Pelton, stormbasketball.com
July  9, 2010 Teams Looking for a Little More Bounce From Bobbleheads
The New York Times - Ken Belson

2009 Articles
June  23, 2009 Baracklyn Cyclones take the field
Associated Press

2008 Articles
November  3, 2008 Presidential Bobbleheads
Sports Illustrated
March  11, 2008 Get your own Moon Dog Bobblehead in Wheeling

Biking Bis - Gene Bisbee
July  17, 2008 GIANT CRAB FETE
Former anti-mascot returns tonight in the form of a souvenir bobblehead

San Francisco Chronicle
January  16, 2008 Isn't it about time you gave YOUR fans something great?
MLB.com / Kevin T. Czerwinski

2007 Articles
January  17, 2007 Pistons Debut "Silver" Bobbles
The National Sports Forum
January  16, 2007 Nod if You Agree ...
Raptors.com - Mike Ulmer

2006 Articles
September  29, 2006 Marquette to Retire Dwyane Wade's No. 3 Jersey
Marquette University Men's Basketball
May  8, 2006 Fans Bobbling Along to their Own Tune
MLB.com - Kevin T. Czerwinski
July  3, 2006 Bobblehead Justices Help Journal Promote the Lighter Side of Law
Los Angeles Times
July  26, 2006 Autistic Hoops Hero Honored With Bobblehead
April  19, 2006 Take Me Out for Some Freebies
The Journal News (New York)

2005 Articles
December  1, 2005 The Evolution of Big Ben (Bobbleheads)
Dave Howell, www.pistons.com

2004 Articles
April  20, 2004 Monument Park comes to the bleachers
AGP Press Release April, 2004

2003 Articles
October  27, 2003 New Bobbleheads on the Block: Supreme Court
NPR’s All Things Considered
November  5, 2003 Detroit Pistons Bobbleheads return with a new look
Detroit Pistons Press Release - David Wieme
November  31, 2003 Legendary Jack Binion Bobbleheads
www.horseshoe.com newsletter
May  5, 2003 Bobble Chief
Legal Times - Tony Mauro
May  1, 2003 NHL Bring your Daughter to Work Day
Childrens Thank You Letters
May  1, 2003 Snapshot
Entrepreneur, Smarts
March  25, 2003 Bobble Dobbles figures
Match Magazine
January  27, 2003 Alexander Global Launches new web-site!
Alexander Global
April  7, 2003 76ers go retro again
Smith’s Sports Business Journal, Coast to Coast
April  24, 2003 Bobbleheads ‘Queen’ has throne in palace
The Macomb Daily - Dan Heaton

2002 Articles
October  18, 2002 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies
Puget Sound Business Journal - Jeanne Lang Jones
October  1, 2002 Bobbleheads Still Most Dependable MLB promo? Nod Yes
Sports Business Journal - Bill King
October  1, 2002 Bobble Dobbles: From Willie Mays to Mickey Mouse
Puget Sound Business Journal - Richard Lancaster
May  1, 2002 Insert (Bobble Dobbles Go to Japan)
Japanese Newspaper
March  1, 2002 Collector Craze Keeps Bob-Bob-Bobbing Along
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Staff Writer
July  1, 2002 On the Bobble
Sports Illustrated - Chris Ballard
April  13, 2002 A Growing Head Count
Seattle Times/Grand Rapids Press/Newhouse News Service - Peter Genovese

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