Custom Bobbleheads

From the folks who invented the bobblehead craze, our famous bobbleheads are the real deal. No matter the size ( Life Size, 7.5”, 7“, 5" 5.5”, or 4”) or theme our bobbleheads are hand-carved and hand-painted to help bring each character and pose to life.

Life Size Concept.jpg

Life Size Series

Life Size  - Mascot

Life Size - Mascot

Life Size - Players with Connecting Base

Life Size  - Series

Life Size - Series

4” Mini to 7” Doll Design Ideas:

  • Action: flying, dunking, sliding

  • Bobble waist, fists, leg, mustache

  • Custom Bases & Add-on

  • Holiday - Special Event

  • Television or Movie Theme

  • Additions: flags, backing cards, grass skirts, synthetic hair, sound…